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doc: site_config.conf
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1   Site Configuration

1.1   Introduction

The site configuration file is an essential part of the My Site Builder static site generator. It allows you to customize various aspects of your website, such as its name, URL, and theme.

1.2   Configuration Options

The following options are available in the site_config.conf file:

  • SITE_URL: The URL of your website, including the protocol (e.g.,
  • SITE_NAME: The name of your website.
  • SITE_SUBTITLE: The subtitle of your website.
  • COPYRIGHT: The copyright notice for your website.
  • THEME_STATIC_DIR: The directory where the static files for the theme are located.
  • CSS_FILE: The name of the CSS file for your website.
  • FEED_ALL_RSS: The path to the RSS feed file for your website.

1.3   Usage

To use the site_config.conf file, simply create it in the root directory of your My Site Builder project, and modify the configuration options to suit your needs. Once you have done this, you can use the get_config() function in your Python code to access the configuration options.

1.4   Example Configuration

Here is an example site_config.conf file:

# config for site
SITE_SUBTITLE = A wonderful website
COPYRIGHT = Copyright © 2023 My Company
CSS_FILE = style.css
FEED_ALL_RSS = feeds/all.rss

# Any other configuration options can be added here