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README Asketic Aligator
2023.04.20 16:41:54 doc Gilhad


  • Customize Make.config and site_config.conf first
  • Customize bin/ too
  • Create some page under input
    • source pages are *.rst
    • missing pages for indexes, tags and authors are autocreated and may be anytime removed (also make clean_autogenerated can do it), manually created/modified are kept intact (if their content differs)
  • make -j24 is way faster than plain make :)
  • Sometimes may be needed run make more times. If there is nothing to do, it is fast.
  • In case of problems report to
  • Actual version maybe found at as AsketicAligator.tar.gz
    • (this probably should read )
  • Well, it is just first working version, so be warned :)

2   Version and such

  • version: 0.1.0-r12/master from 21.04.2023 13:59:53
  • git_head: c63de1c fix Makefile + AsketicAligator.tar.gz