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2023.06.21 04:57:18 HowTo Gilhad

1   vim


2   how in 'vim' editor delete empty lines in visual selection?

V - select lines
        g: Global command that applies the following command to all lines in the selection that match a pattern.
        /^\s*$/: The pattern to match. In this case, it matches all lines that contain only whitespace characters (spaces, tabs, etc.) or are completely empty.
        d: The command to execute for each matching line. In this case, it deletes the line.

4   line-continuation

:h line-continuation
:e ~/.vimrc
map ,rr :set noexpandtab^M:set nosmarttab^M:set textwidth=270^M,r o:date: 1970.01.01 00:00:00^M
        \:tags: none^M
        \:authors: Gilhad^M
        \:summary: ^[:put %^MkJA^?^?^?^?^M
        \:title: ^[:put %^MkJA^?^?^?^?^M
        \:nice_title: \|mix\| vim \|mix\|^M^M
        \^[:put %^MkJA^?^?^?^?^M^[80i-^[o^M^MLorem ipsum ...^M^[/:date:^M,. :%s/mix/mix/g