Cobra MK III
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Eternal Lands - secrets
2020.07.17 16:58:49 EL Gilhad

1   Harvestables

  • Honey: WS 106 206 - Teleports to Raven (not secret)
  • Honey: PV 184,146 - near store

2   IotF Isle of the Forgotten

  • dont poke snowman, nor bite his nose, and leave alone mushrooms. (Cactus, ...)
  • dont steal money from fountains, you may come to Hell or Heaven or be kicked back (also BL,Lil,Snap)
  • Ringa have interesting junk
  • leave alone trees (Diamond, Fruits)
  • dont mess in castles, some bars are tropical and hidden trapdoors go to Dwarium and Wolfranite
  • dont explode mines gates with blueberry
  • dont mess with chimney
  • selling taverner fruits from his own table is rude (but gc are gc)
  • dont go to past of Tyrin (or back)
  • beware of PK igloo, the other is safe way to Isca store
  • Centaur have some issu with dead and vice versa
  • ?The doors can be opened, but how?
  • ?The hand can be graced, but how?
  • there is a way to ship with diamond