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2023.03.27 08:22:11 - 2023.04.24 04:02:14 doc Gilhad

1   Why AsketicAligator

  • easy to install (unzip and fill in your informations like name of your site)
  • easy to use (write your pages in plain text and let it take care about the rest)
  • easy to deploy - any webhosting fits (it will just serve HTML+CSS files and your images - no databases, no languages, no frameworks needed)
  • extra fast on modern computers, usable on historic ones :)
  • easy to backup your pages/your site
  • simple template easy to modify

2   Intro

  • AsketicAligator is light-weight SSG based on make, python, docutils and Jinja 2 templates (do not worry, you do not need to understand this all)
    • SSG stands for Static Site Generator - it generate everything on your local computer, so it can be then uploaded on server, where is no need for interpreters and databases
      • that means, that the pages do not offer entry point for hackers
      • also the pages can be downloaded and used localy
    • light-weight means
      • does not need database on your computer
      • check and regenerate only what is really need to regenerate
      • works good even on old, low power, slow computers
      • is fast on modern computers
      • have only basic functionality
      • by being small it can be easily modified
      • under 0.3 MB size with default theme :)
    • also it keeps in mind modern multi-core computers and can use all cores to be extra fast :)
    • while resulting pages are targeted at PC browsers, it should work everywhere
      • just HTML+CSS - no flash, javascript or so
      • no size restrictions, no empty placeholders
      • all internal links relative (so just dowload it and it will work and look as well offline)
  • uses reStructuredText (.rst files) with some enhancements
    • it is easy to write pages in RST
    • it is readable even without reformating into HTML (or other formats)
    • AsketicAligator also put source files on web, so you can look, how this pages was written
  • AsketicAligator come with few tools, which me be handy (check broken links, test pages, etc ...)
    • (check broken links, test pages, etc ...)
  • AsketicAligator is under GPL license, so can be used for free (see GPU license)
    • for the resulting website you can ofcourse choose any license